Shop Life

After several months, Rude Boy Racing is proud to be open. Its been a long haul and we appreciate all the support we've gotten along the way. Good things are coming soon. Thanks!

Highlight of the month

Sam B.'s 2000 MS3

Sam is an amazing chef with an eye for nice cars. His 2009 MazdaSpeed 3 is no slouch on the streets. Featuring a ton of bolt on goodies from top end manufacturers and a Cobb AccessPort, this car really hauls...his wife, son, and future child to and from the grocery store.

Spotlight Setup

 Injector Dynamics

id1000 Top feed conversion for 2005 Subaru Sti, paired with in house TGV deletes.

Very quality parts in this kit, It takes a bit to install, but overall isn't terrible. Make sure to buy the connectors as well as a few feet of wire to make your install that much easier.