Denounce Special


Special Offer for Denounce-Zul'jin members:

Hello all. Jagerjude would like to thank you all for everything you do and your countless rez's. I couldn''t be happier with a guild and wanted to offer you guys something special. I will do any World of Warcraft die cut vinyl up to 36 square inches for free. So any 6" x 6" decal or a 3" x 12" decal or anything other sizes within the constraints. Just send me an email at with the image file, size and color you want (I may not have ALL colors available) and I will get back to you with a proof before I print. 

Heads up: They should be something simple with a one color design as these are die-cut vinyl decals. If you need something larger or want to order custom decals please get in touch with me through game or the email above and we will figure it out. Let's see some ideas!!